Séminaire de Cryptographie

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Thomas Pöppelmann

Efficient Implementation of Ideal Lattice-Based Cryptography on Embedded Devices

Novel public-key cryptosystems beyond RSA and ECC are urgently required to ensure long-term security in the era of quantum computing. One alternative to such established schemes is ideal lattice-based cryptography which offers elegant security reductions and versatile cryptographic building blocks such as the ring learning with errors (RLWE) problem. In this talk we will give an overview on current research dealing with the implementation and optimization of efficient ideal lattice-based cryptography on embedded software platforms. We will present results for public key encryption and digital signature schemes on a constrained 8-bit platform (Atmel AVR) and discuss basic building blocks like polynomial multiplication and discrete Gaussian sampling. At the end of the talk we will examine some open problems and challenges in this emerging field of research.