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Jérémy Jean

The SKINNY Family of Block Ciphers

We present a new tweakable block cipher family SKINNY, whose goal is to compete with NSA recent design SIMON in terms of hardware/software performances, while proving in addition stronger security guarantees with regards to differential/linear attacks.

SKINNY has flexible block/key/tweak sizes and can also benefit from very efficient threshold implementations for side-channels protection. Regarding performances, it outperforms all known ciphers for ASIC round-based implementations and offers very competitive bit-sliced software implementations in CTR mode (as theoretically predicted since SKINNY has the smallest total number of AND/OR/XOR gates used for encryption process).

Additionally, we introduce MANTIS, a dedicated variant of SKINNY for low-latency implementations, that constitutes a very efficient solution to the problem of designing a tweakable block cipher for memory encryption. MANTIS competes with PRINCE in latency and area, while being enhanced with a tweak input.

Joint work with: C. Beierle, S. Kölbl, G. Leander, A. Moradi, T. Peyrin, Y. Sasaki, P. Sasdrich, S.M. Sim To appear in CRYPTO 2016