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Ba Duc Pham

Soutenance de thèse: Study and design of new encryption primitives based on rank metric error correcting codes

In 2005, Faure and Loidreau proposed a new rank-metric cryptosystem inspired from the Hamming metric scheme of Augot-Finiasz in 2003. In 2018, it was broken by the attack of Gaborit, Otmani and Kalachi. Recently, there are some attempts of repairing the Faure-Loidreau scheme, for example the work of Renner, Puchinger and Wachter–Zeh which is called LIGA. In this thesis, we also introduce a new cryptosystem so-called RAMESSES which is another repairing of Faure-Loidreau scheme. Besides, we also study about the recent attack of Coggia and Couveur in the Loidreau's cryptosystem (2017). Although they only propose an idea for a special case of the dimension of secret subspace, this attack can be generalized. In this thesis, we propose an analysis of Coggia-Couvreur attack on Loidreau’s rank-metric public-key encryption scheme in the general case. The last part is a study about the decoding of the sum of Gabidulin codes which is inspired from the work of Loidreau in 2005 "Welch-Berlekamp Like Algorithm for Decoding Gabidulin Codes". This work is also an attempt to repair the Loidreau's cryptosystem (2017) to avoid the Coggia-Couveur's attack.